times better*


Reduce reaction time by a factor of over 50 000 compared to traditional emergency brake technology –  drastically shortening stop distance and reducing the risk for serious accidents and deaths.

We’ve invented a better and more sustainable way of securing, controlling and optimizing objects in motion with the quickest reaction time possible.

Our patented technology, Alphabrake™, is the world´s only mechanically autonomous transmission system activated and regulated by changes in motion and not motion itself.

Increased Safety


Better Utilization


Lowered Cost

*Based on internal & preliminary testing


Tension Control


Overspeed Prevention


Emergency Braking


The Alphabrake™ senses and evens out the difference between driving torque and inertial force, delivering a completely new type of system with two primary and unique characteristics;


As a deceleration brake, the Alphabrake can be used to prevent overrun while maintaining control and maximize performance output. Key features include:

  • Activated by deceleration
  • Speed independent
  • Automatic brake force adjustment


As an acceleration brake, the Alphabrake can be used to prevent overspeed while maintaining control and maximize performance output. Key features include:

  • Activated by acceleration
  • Speed independent
  • Quickest reaction time possible







Controlling tension is difficult and often require complex mechancial solutions in combination with digital control units to measure movement.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

With our technology, you get the simplest and most efficient line tension control possible. And it is fully autonomous.

A free fall winch is used when you need the fastest possible drop speed. The problem with winches available on the market is that drop speed is prohibited by legacy or complex technology.

But it doesn´t have to be like this.

With our technology, you get the fastest drop speed possible without overrun and with fully unattended handling.

Emergency brakes or overspeed governors for hoists and elevators are often required by law. The brakes are activated by size of speed and in order for it to function, the elevator car needs to reach at minimum 120% of its top speed.

But it doesn´t have to be like this.

With our technology reaction time is essentially removed and elevators can become drastically safer.


The Alphabrake can be used in many different applications to provide safer and better motion


Minimizing accidents by protecting wheelchairs and rollators from uncontrolled motion


Preventing injuries by providing better and safer seat belts


Reducing the risk of jack-knife accidents and simplifying maneuvering of trailers


Improving efficiency and control through minimized overrun on winches


Saving marine life by allowing more efficient unattended anchor freefall


Allowing anglers to fish longer by eliminating backlash while maintaining cast distance


Increase production and lower cost through better control of tension and overrun


Safer and more efficient operation by limiting overspeed and controlling rotational motion


Prevent serious accidents by providing a more efficient emergency brake system


They say if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We understand if you are suspicious but this time it truly is not. A very smart person managed to, not only think, but also do different and come up with something fundamentally new and amazing.



Brillianze was founded in Sweden with the mission to enable safe, efficient and sustainable motion prevention technology.

The journey started many years ago with one of the founders, who is a watchmaker, decided to take on an age old challenge; solve the fishing reel backlash problem.

Thousands of hours later, building countless number of prototypes, he finally came up with the solution – a very simple technology that can be difficult to grasp.



The first application for our brake technology Alphabrake can be found in Svivlo fishing reels. Svivlo is developing a baitcaster where backlash is eliminated without using the thumb and at the same time improving cast distance.

Click on the Svivlo logo for more information


Please contact us if you want to know how to get access to our technology

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