Here are some common questions about the Transversor.

What is unique about the Transversor?

The ability to react to changes in rotational motion.

The Transversor senses changes in rotational motion i.e. negative or positive angular acceleration, and activates based on a predefined threshold.

Is it the same as a centrifugal brake?

No, not at all.

A centrifugal brake is activated by rotational speed and not changes in speed. Brake force is then also applied using centrifugal forces.

The Transversor uses Euler force to activate and apply initial brake force.

Does the Transversor activate by speed?

No. The Transversor is by default totally speed independent and will only activate when speed changes.

It does not matter how fast something is rotating, activation is purely done when rotational speed decreases or increases.

This technology must already exist?

We thought so to before we applied for patent.

But after 7 approved patents, we have proved that the technology is unique. If it were not, solutions using the same principle would already have been available on the market.

How complicated is the Transversor?

The Transversor is simple but complicated.

The Transversor design is quite simple, but how it actually functions and how it needs to be designed is much more complicated. We have spent many years perfecting the technology and still, everyday, find new ways of achieving wanted results and also new application areas for the Transversor technology.

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